Late-night hosts on Republicans: 'Sexual harassment should be non-partisan'

Comics, including Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah, discussed the hypocritical response to Al Franken and further news on Donald Trump Jr’s Russian meetings

Seth Meyers talking about Al Franken.
Seth Meyers talking about Al Franken. Photograph: YouTube
Seth Meyers talking about Al Franken. Photograph: YouTube
Guardian staff

Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.36 EST

Late-night hosts discussed the Republican hypocrisy around sexual harassment allegations and the investigation into Donald Trump Jr’s meetings with Russian officials.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert focused on a report that the president’s son had to discuss what happened for eight hours – “the first time a Trump has put in a full day of work”.

The report also listed other members of the Trump campaign who attended the same Russian meeting in question. “It was a real who’s who of who wants an orange jumpsuit,” he joked.

He then dissected some of the emails that act as damning evidence of impropriety, relating back to issues that were discussed in the meeting, such as the DNC hack. “Ya dummies,” he said. “That’s like forwarding an article about arson saying: ‘This is eerily weird, given that warehouse we torched five days ago.’”

After Trump Jr finished his testimony, he shared an Instagram post with a picture of a Trump helicopter and the caption: Time to roll. “Coincidentally ‘time to roll’ is also what Michael Flynn said right before he cut that deal with Robert Mueller,” Colbert joked.

He also added: “It is literally one of the few vehicles that doesn’t roll.”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah covered a variety of subjects, including a push to make concealed-carry permits valid across state lines. “Republicans in Washington are working on very important new ways to help people get shot,” he said.

The decision could mean that New Yorkers would be able to carry guns. “This is not the wild west,” he said. Noah also joked that it “would severely hamper our ability to be assholes”.

He then moved on to the wildfires in California and the much-shared footage of a man leaving his car and risking his life to save a rabbit in danger. “If that guy’s not using that as his Tinder profile, he’s not serious about life because I don’t know about you but I would swipe right on his bunny-loving ass so hard,” he said.

Finally, he discussed Atlanta news anchor Sharon Reed whose response to a racist email went viral. “Black people are officially done playing,” Noah said. “The revolution will be televised!”

He added: “I love this woman, she’s my hero. This was the greatest clap back I have ever seen. I hope she does all the news like this now.”

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host spoke about Al Franken, who resigned this week after allegations of sexual harassment. After the first accusation emerged, Franken was asked if he thought more would follow and simply said: “I certainly hope not.”

“That’s not an answer that inspires much confidence,” Meyers added.

While Republicans have come out hard against Franken, they are still refusing to condemn other suspected predators in their own party, from Roy Moore to Trump himself. “Sexual harassment should be a non-partisan issue,” Meyers said.

Kellyanne Conway in particular has been vocal about her feelings on Franken. “You work for a guy who’s been accused by more than 12 women of sexual harassment and assault,” Meyers said. “Kellyanne Conway has such little self-awareness that when she walks past a mirror, she thinks there’s a stranger in her house.”

Finally, he also discussed Donald Trump Jr and his eight-hour testimony. “That means for eight hours, Eric was unsupervised!” he joked.

Meyers added: “The Trump campaign got more emails about Russia than I get from Pottery Barn.”