In brief: Brad Pitt considers Infernal Affairs remake

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Plus: Jude Law contemplates Bond role, Harryhausen bemoans CGI, Cronenberg plans history of violence, and new projects for Neeson, Cage, Bellucci, Hardwicke and Ledger
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Fri 13 Feb 2004 06.42 EST

Brad Pitt is mulling over a starring role in a Martin Scorsese remake of Infernal Affairs, the hit Hong Kong police thriller. It seems both men will soon have a few welcome gaps in their diaries following lengthy commitments - Pitt as Achilles in Troy and Scorsese as director on the Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator. Infernal Affairs charts the rise of an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate a notorious triad gang. Variety says the original proved a massive hit when it opened in late 2002 in Hong Kong, spawning two acclaimed sequels.

Liam Neeson is close to signing on for a mystery role in British director Christopher Nolan's Batman adaptation. Christian Bale and Michael Caine are already on board as the caped crusader and his trusty butler Alfred, with rising American star Katie Holmes also attached. Shooting is set to start later this year, Variety reports.

Jude Law has reportedly contemplated becoming the next James Bond, a role that appears to have intrigued the entire male acting population at one time or another. The Oscar-nominated star of the Homeric drama Cold Mountain joins the likes of Colin Farrell, Owen Wilson, Stuart Townsend and Hugh Jackman, who is currently the bookies' favourite to step into the shoes of Pierce Brosnan. The Sun says Brosnan will not play 007 again, although industry insiders said this was by no means guaranteed. "I know my kids would love it," Law was quoted as saying in the paper. "Who knows?"

Nicolas Cage and Monica Bellucci are in talks to star in the drama Lord of War, about a global arms dealer who locks horns with an intrepid Interpol agent. The picture is scheduled to go before the cameras this summer in South Africa, Germany and New York. Cage recently completed work on the Disney adventure National Treasure and Bellucci will soon be seen as Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

Heath Ledger is set to star in The Lords of Dogtown, director Catherine Hardwicke's feature version of the hit skateboarding documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. The story follows a small group of talented skateboarders who shake up the sport with the introduction of a revolutionary new style. Panic Room director David Fincher will be one of the producers on the project, which represents something of a departure for Hardwicke following her recent work on the acclaimed teenage angst drama Thirteen. Ledger's upcoming projects include Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, the biopic Ned Kelly and fantasy-horror The Brothers Grimm.

David Cronenberg, the director behind Scanners and The Fly, will unleash his disturbing vision on A History of Violence for Lord Of The Rings studio New Line. The story will follow the consequences of a man's murderous act of self-defence and its effect upon his family and is due to go before the cameras later this year. No cast has been announced.

Ray Harryhausen, the legendary creator of such fantasy pictures as Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts, has taken a swipe at the state of modern effects. "These days every two-bit commercial uses amazing CGI images," the visual effects guru says in an interview with The Independent. "There's no shock value left anymore. Amazing spectacles have become commonplace." Reflecting on his career Harryhausen adds: "Maybe I have the Zeus complex. I like bringing things to life. That was half the charm of doing a stop-motion scene. My actors always do exactly what I want them to do."