Anatomy of a picture: The Bourne Legacy poster

Big black streaks, bulging muscles and no Matt Damon. What can this poster for The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner be telling us?
The Bourne Legacy poster
Thu 9 Feb 2012 15.00 EST

1 High-stakes smudging

Glance and you'd be forgiven for thinking it's just an iffy printout. What's with the big black streaks? The weird smear on "Legacy"? After a second, you twig: it's intentional – a moody, on-trend redacted design concept. Still, your first thought may be of paper jams.

2 Fridge magnet tagline

The message comes over loud and clear: yeah, so Matt Damon went and quit the franchise, but whatever! Plenty more fish in the sea. Yet this layout lends itself to the cheap shuffle ("Was there just one? Never!) as well as being a gift for those who like graffiting posters in Tube stations. The mind boggles at the prospect of what will be filled into the blanks.

3 His own man

I think we can all agree that Jeremy Renner looks absolutely nothing like his predecessor. The tight grey T-shirt. Those bulging biceps. The knotted brow and the short back and sides (hair colour apparently tbc). The vaguely puggy features. It wouldn't at all be the case that were you to move that black band currently over his nose up a bit you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

4 Diminutive antagonist

Renner is aiming very low. Is his foe sitting down? Could it be a child? A kitten? A lovely puppy? Could the new Bourne even be about to blast apart a new-born? Gritty is one thing; that's just grim.

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