Anatomy of a picture: Skyfall

What does this still from the new Bond film (co-starring the trunks) tell us about OO7?
Skyfall: James Bond
Photograph: Sony Pictures/planet Photos
Photograph: Sony Pictures/planet Photos
Thu 19 Jan 2012 15.31 EST

1) Bond as Narcissus

As any therapist can testify, 007's fear of intimacy and commitment indicate a gnawing self-infatuation. Here, at last, the legend is spending quality time with the one who really matters – peering at his reflection in the lapping water of the hotel pool. He's tried the rest and knows he's best.

2) The empty lane

Bond is decisive; he has picked his lane and set his course. Happily there is no Ursula Andress rearing out of the shallows to sing about mango trees or splash chlorine in his eye.

3) Co-starring: the trunks

Missing, believed lost at sea, at the end of Casino Royale, the trunks are back, like Blofeld, and only a little worse for wear. The blue has slightly faded (reflecting their advancing years). They also seem to ride a little lower than usual (suggesting, perhaps, that Bond's seat has become embarrassingly caught in the swimming-pool grating).

4) No legs?

We may be fretting unduly about this one. Even so, where are they? Does this tranquil scene hark back to a previous, less tranquil scene in which 007 had his legs shot off by a marksman, or chewed off by sharks? It is yet another mystery that we must wait to unravel.

5) Mysterious lights

Yes, they may just be lights, harmlessly marking the far end of the hotel pool. But, this being a Bond movie, they may just as easily be a regiment of amphibious assassins, Smersh submersibles, toting laser-sighted assault rifles and hell-bent on shooting 007's legs off. Assuming they haven't done so already, of course, in a previous scene.

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