Beta site test FAQs

More information about the trialling of a new-look mobile site
Thu 15 Nov 2012 06.54 EST

Why are we redesigning the mobile site?
We're redesigning our mobile website from the ground up to radically improve the user experience, reliability and download speed. Usage of mobiles and tablets to browse the web is increasing fast and we want to ensure we have the best possible experience when looking at the on a tablet or mobile.

How long will the test last?
The test on Thursday 15th November will last for two hours (12-2pm GMT), after which you will be returned to the current mobile site.

The new site will be launched shortly and this is a test is to ensure it will be quick, reliable and robust.

How do I give feedback?
The best way to leave feedback is via the link at the foot of every page. Or send us a tweet @gdndevelopers.

Is the site just for mobile phones?
The site is designed to be responsive and will work great on mobiles and tablets. We've specifically designed for up to seven inch devices and will continue to optimise the design for larger screens. Our framework will allow us to easily scale up to large desktop screens - but we have some design challenges to work on before we get there.

Why is there still functionality missing, like search and comments?
In order to create the best possible product, we need to enhance the website in stages, taking in as wide a range of user feedback as possible. This is the first stage and already delivers benefits in comparison to the existing site. We are also committed to continually improving it by adding new functionality, such as search and comments.

Why is it on a different url (
We're on a beta url right now until we're sure everything is working perfectly. When we turn the site on fully, our users will see this new site when they visit any site via a mobile device. The url will remain