Birthday greetings to Woman's Own

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Tue 16 Oct 2012 09.23 EDT

Woman's Own is celebrating its 80th birthday today with this special 72-page commemorative issue. It contains an interview with novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford, who once worked at the magazine, and a picture feature on Joan Collins, who also reaches 80 this year.
The publishers also hired Alison Jackson, creator of photographic spoofs, to show lookalikes of the Queen and the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge reading Woman's Own while under hairdressing dryers.


The first edition of Woman's Own will be available as a digital magazine to view at And readers can also browse galleries of the magazine covers from its 80-year history, including favourites chosen by the editor and fashion editor. The stylish one here was published in 1953.

According to the publishers, IPC Media (and the Wikipedia profile), the magazine was launched in 1932. But that may not be quite correct.

According to the Mag Forum site, Odhams launched Woman's Own in 1931 with a free cover-mounted gift – three skeins of wool.


More intriguing still is the fact that a blogger writing on a site called Rattling On discovered these three covers of a Woman's Own magazine dated 1916. Further researches suggest this was a different magazine, founded in 1913, as an adjunct in pamphlet form to Horner's Stories and was later subsumed by that title entirely.

Anyway, let's raise a glass to the modern incarnation of Woman's Own. At one time, it looked as if it would go under altogether. But it still manages to sell more than 230,000 copies a week
Sources: IPC Media/Wikipedia/Rattling On/Woman's Own website

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