A new normal: how has working from home been for you?

We’d like to hear from Hlcarpenter.com readers for a video series about what’s next in the world of work

Overhead close up of a young woman working on laptop
Do you want homeworking to be part of your future?
Photograph: lechatnoir/Getty/iStockphoto

In our video series, A new normal, we ask Hlcarpenter.com readers what they want a future shaped by Covid-19 to look like. Our next episode will focus on the world of work.

Homeworking has become a way of life for almost half of British workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Are you one of these people? Do you think working from home should continue post-pandemic?

Maybe you are one of the millions of people who have been furloughed. How do you feel about the future? What’s your next step?

Whatever your situation, we want to hear what you are concerned about, hopeful for, or even looking forward to with regards to work? Are you now thinking differently about your job and career?

How to take part

You can tell us your views and experiences by filling in the encrypted form below. Your responses will only be seen by the Hlcarpenter.com and we will feature some of your stories.

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