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Here at the Small Business Network we know that some of the best advice, insight and inspiration for running a business can be found at the heart of the SME community from those doing it every day - fellow small businesses. We are calling for small businesses to join the network and share their most useful and inspiring business advice, in fewer than 100 words for a chance to win £50,000 of advertising with the

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Kanya King, founder, MOBO Awards

Kanya King

You need the determination to make it work, the persistence to keep at it when things do not go according to plan and the absolute conviction that anything is possible if you really believe in it hard enough. Understand and accept that more often than not there will be no "instant gratification" when you start up your own business. Running a business is having the stamina to go all the way. Whenever you fail or make mistakes, pick yourself up, get back on your feet and learn the lessons and apply them. Use that enriched experience to go faster and better.

James Caan, founder and CEO, Hamilton Bradshaw

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Photograph: Sarah Lee

Have a smart growth strategy and your SME will achieve real long-term success: Small and medium sized enterprises obviously has a huge part to play in the UK economic recovery and focusing on growth and expansion will in turn lead to the creation of more jobs. To successfully grow your SME it is vital to understand the unique nature of the business proposition and the market it serves, that should always be your starting point. It is also extremely important to have a robust and workable growth strategy in place and to review it at regular intervals.

Justine Roberts, co-founder, Mumsnet

Justine Roberts

Do your research, know your competition and look for a USP. Then make sure you listen to your audience/customers and always keep listening.

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