Kevin Pietersen’s rap sheet: six key points

Kevin Pietersen has accused England players of being bullies, while the ECB has claimed he was an undermining influence
Kevin Pietersen: cricket bosses ‘want mavericks to be choirboys’ – link to video

Last modified on Wed 21 Feb 2018 13.54 EST

Kevin Pietersen’s case

1) ) Bullying rife in England dressing room

Charge: Kevin Pietersen alleges Matt Prior and Graeme Swann were central to an “exclusive club” that ran the dressing room and those outside the “clique” were “fair game for mocking, ridicule and bullying”. Fielders were made to apologise for missed catches and were made to feel intimidated.

Response: Swann called it “codswallop”; ECB managing director Paul Downton said he had received no formal complaints.

2) England colleagues behind parody Twitter acccount

Charge: Pietersen claims his team-mates were involved in running @KPgenius, a parody Twitter account that the batsman says contributed to his rift with the team. He says Alec Stewart was told some England players were tweeting from the account.

Response: Richard Bailey, the man behind @KPgenius, told the no England players were involved.

3) Flower was an ineffective coach who wanted Pietersen out

Charge: Pietersen describes Andy Flower as a “mood hoover” who failed to prevent a clique developing among the bowlers and who treated him like “something stuck to the sole of his shoe”.

Response: No comment so far from Flower.

The ECB’s case

4) Pietersen wasn’t trying hard enough

Charge: ECB document alleges Pietersen threatened to quit the Ashes tour after the third Test; that he “whistled casually” after being dismissed in 2nd innings of Sydney Test; and that after defeat he walked out of the dressing room saying “I don’t give a fuck”.

KP response: Described allegation he threatened to quit tour “ridiculous”.

5) Batsman was a bad influence

Charge: Before second Test in Adelaide, Pietersen “disobeyed” instructions not to stay out late by “taking out two young players drinking with him until late”. Also that he openly accused a player of “sucking up to management” for rallying the team, which Andy Flower felt discouraged others from coming forward.

KP response: Labelled ECB’s dossier “a joke” and “an embarrassment”.

6) He undermined coach and captain

Charge: In a meeting between Pietersen and Flower, the batsman allegedly called Alastair Cook “weak” and “tactically inept”, “had a go at Flower and his coaching” and said Flower should “let the players go out and get pissed”. Also that he would often be “deliberately disengaged” in team meetings.

KP response: At pains to say he had no issue with Cook: “I feel very sorry for him”.