This week’s best home entertainment: from Glow to Westworld

The ladies are back in the ring for season 2 of Glow, while the battle between hosts and guests reaches an explosive climax in Westworld

The Shape of Water, The Bridge, Stath Sells Flats, and Glow
Bridge too far… (from left) The Shape of Water, The Bridge, Stath Sells Flats, and Glow
Bridge too far… (from left) The Shape of Water, The Bridge, Stath Sells Flats, and Glow

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The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling return with more bite-sized comedy-drama nuggets landing perfectly at the sweet spot between silly and smart. The women won a small victory at the end of season one. But can they establish themselves? Expect frenemies Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) to remain at the heart of the action.
Available from Friday 29 June, Netflix

The Affair

More slightly neurotic relationship dramas brought to life by the excellent performances of Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Maura Tierney. As we return, Noah (West) has moved to LA and is trying to reconnect with his kids. But Tierney’s Helen may turn out to have other ideas.
Tuesday 26 June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Stath Lets Flats

Jamie Demetriou in Stath Lets Flats
Would you rent a flat from this man… Jamie Demetriou in Stath Lets Flats. Photograph: Jack Barnes

It’s strange that the absurd London housing market hasn’t been roundly mocked on TV yet. This new lettings agency sitcom from Jamie Demetriou and Robert Popper looks promising – Demetriou’s Stath is amusingly hapless and his job is reliably ridiculous.
Wednesday 27 June, 10pm, Channel 4

The Bridge

It is the last ever episode of the Danish-Swedish policier and we’ll all shed a tear at our final glimpse of the marvellously odd relationship dynamic between cops Saga and Henrik. However, there’s a killer to catch too and the stakes are high: can our conflicted duo collar the wrong ’un before he gets his hands on the people who’ve led them to him?
Friday 29 June, 9pm, BBC Two

How the NHS Changed Our World

As the NHS hits 70, it’s looking increasingly creaky. But that other perpetually under-fire British institution, the BBC, is going into bat for the health service this week with a fine, impassioned series of programmes extolling its many virtues. Dr Giles Yeo fronts this opening salvo exploring the world’s first heart transplant, carried out at Royal Papworth Hospital.
Monday 25 June, 7pm, BBC Two

Marvel’s Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage
Harlem scuffle… Marvel’s Luke Cage. Photograph: David Lee

Harlem’s premier thumper-of-baddies returns for a second season that feels a little baggy, never quite managing to fill the gulf left behind by Mahershala Ali’s crime kingpin Cottonmouth. But, for baddies-getting-thumped enthusiasts, there’s still plenty to enjoy.
Available now, Netflix

Journeys in Afrofuturism

From jazz maverick Sun Ra, via guitar re-inventor Jimi Hendrix through to the likes of Gaika, Afrofuturism has its roots in the past but its eyes fixed on new horizons. Emma Dabiri’s primer touches on jungle and hip-hop as it explores this expansive artistic phenomenon.
Monday 25 June, 4pm, Radio 4

Walesa: Man of Hope

Andrzej Wajda’s conclusion to his trilogy of Poland’s communist years (with Man of Marble in 1977 and Man of Iron in 1981) is a compelling biopic of Lech Wałęsa who founded the Solidarność movement that brought down the government. Robert Wieckiewicz captures both the charismatic union man and the loving father.
Saturday 23 June, 1am, BBC Two

The Shape of Water

Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water.
Swamp thing… Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water. Photograph: Allstar

Guillermo del Toro’s oddball creature feature won big at this year’s Oscars. Sally Hawkins is startling as a mute cleaner who, in a typically demented Del Toro twist, finds herself falling for a mysterious half-man, half-fish hybrid. An inevitably peculiar yet emotionally involving inter-species dalliance begins.
Available from Monday 25 June, Sky Store


There’s a ring of steel surrounding the details of this final episode of Westworld’s second season. But Teddy’s decisive actions at the conclusion of episode nine have left everything up for grabs. Generally, this season has done an excellent job of managing its ever-more tangled mixture of human emotions and artificial intelligence.
Monday 25 June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic