Terms and conditions for payments to content suppliers

Mon 1 Oct 2012 04.36 EDT

1. In relation to the following terms and conditions for payment to content suppliers, GNM should like to draw your attention to the express terms of your agreement to supply services to GNM regarding the indemnity you provide to GNM in respect of any claims from any taxing authorities relating to monies paid or payable to you by GNM (Status of Contributors and Suppliers as Independent Contractors).

2. Editorial desks initiate payments to content suppliers and unless otherwise agreed payment shall be made within 30 days of publication of your Contribution. It is the policy of GNM to make all payments on a self-billing basis and via electronic funds transfer facilities (BACS in the UK) into a bank account designated by the supplier. All charges levied by receiving banks to process payments from GNM shall be the liability of content suppliers without exception.

3. All new suppliers shall be contacted by GNM Accounts Payable to request bank account details, and a copy of their UK VAT Registration Certificate if appropriate. Suppliers that are US-based or who earn US-sourced income are required to comply with IRS guidelines.

4. GNM asks that new suppliers do not submit payment details until such time as they are prompted to do so by GNM Accounts Payable.

5. In the event that suppliers notify GNM that they have appointed an agent a) to negotiate in all matters relating to their contribution(s); and/or b) to collect and receive all monies in respect of their contribution(s), then GNM shall be entitled to rely on such appointment being binding on the supplier and to conduct all negotiations with and/or to make all payment(s) to the appointed agent directly. The supplier hereby declares that the receipt of monies by the said agent shall be a good and valid discharge of GNM's payment liabilities.

6. Note for Agents: For UK VAT-registered suppliers represented by an agent where the supplier is the principal in supplying goods and services to GNM, in line with HMRC guidance notice 700 and in order to comply with self-billing regulations the self-billing agreement shall be between the supplier and GNM and GNM shall require the supplier's full name and trading name if applicable, a copy of their valid VAT registration certificate, their VAT registered address, and their UK VAT Registration number.

7. Suppliers shall be deemed to have entered into a self-billing agreement with GNM for a period of 12 months from the date of their first self-billing invoice. The self-billing agreement shall renew thereafter for further periods of 12 months on receipt of successive self-billing invoices from GNM.

8. During the period of the self-billing agreement suppliers agree not to raise sales invoices for any transactions between themselves and GNM. For an FAQ on GNM's self-bill policy, click here.

9. GNM Accounts Payable may be contacted as follows:

By email: accounts.payable@hlcarpenter.com (general enquiries) or supplier.details@hlcarpenter.com (bank account / VAT / IRS details)
By post: Hlcarpenter.com News and Media Limited, Accounts Payable Department, PO Box 68164, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1P 2AP
By fax: 020 7713 6086
By phone: 0203 353 3127 (general enquiries only)

10. It is in the supplier's interests to ensure that their payment details are kept current at all times in order to avoid unnecessary delays in making payments. Any difficulties over payment should be reported initially to GNM Accounts Payable as above.

11. For all payment of fees in respect of contributions commissioned by GNM agents, please follow instructions provided by the relevant agent.

12. Any deviations from GNM's standard payment procedures are subject to the prior approval of the Managing Editor.

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