Additional terms and conditions for dramatisation and documentary rights

Last modified on Thu 14 Mar 2019 12.04 EDT

a) You grant to GNM the right on an exclusive and worldwide basis for the period of copyright (and all extensions, revivals, reversions and renewals thereof) to dispose of, sell, transfer, assign, rent, lease, license, use, exploit, furnish or otherwise turn a profit in connection with the development, production or any other exploitation of a theatrical motion picture or television production based upon your Commissioned Contribution, as well as sequel, prequel, and remake rights, and all allied or ancillary rights, throughout the world, in any and all media now or hereafter known (including, without limitation, theatrically, non-theatrically, on all forms of television, non-television platforms, portable media, download to own, streaming, internet and on all forms of video).

b) GNM shall contact You with a proposal of commercial terms within thirty (30) days of receipt of an offer related to such exploitation from third parties that GNM and/or its agents have procured and approved; further, You undertake at GNM’s expense to do and/or procure all things as GNM may require (including, without limitation, the execution of all deeds and documents) to enable the exercise of such right by GNM or its nominee(s) absolutely and/or protecting and enforcing such right.

c) i) Upon expiration of a period of three (3) years following the Agreed Date, and ii) upon written request from You sent to GNM c/o, and iii) provided that Development as defined below has not commenced, the licences and related rights herein granted to GNM under a) above shall immediately revert to You, and GNM shall have no further rights to continue the promotion, development, production or any other exploitation of a theatrical motion picture or television production based upon your Commissioned Contribution.

d) “Development” shall mean undertaking by GNM or its appointed agents of meaningful development activities in connection with any of the rights acquired hereunder, including, without limitation, the negotiation and consummation of agreements relating to your Commissioned Contribution, the preparation and submission of treatments or other writings (for example detailed written creative format and outline) based on your Commissioned Contribution, appointment of key personnel, estimated schedule and budgets for pre-production and production, casting, demo reel indicating potential “look and feel” of the potential production based on your Commissioned Contribution, etc.

Further Information

As background to the above grant of rights which GNM are selectively seeking in certain Commissioned Contributions, GNM is actively developing stories as drama and documentary projects for film and TV. Previous major productions produced from journalism include include King of Thieves, The Fifth Estate and Snowden.

We have direct relationships with major broadcasters and funding partners in the UK and US, and work with a network of agents to develop opportunities in both markets. GNM intellectual property is highly regarded as source material across the television and film industries, and we hold regular development meetings with producers and development executives to identify stories.

The is successful in negotiating advantageous commercial terms with producers, while always protecting our reputation, brand and journalists. The scale of the often enables us to achieve terms which would not be available to a writer in isolation. Our expert commercial and legal teams ensure that all development and production contracts meet the highest industry standards and monitor producers and broadcasters for compliance.

In summary, you are granting to GNM the exclusive right on a worldwide basis to represent your Commissioned Contribution and agree sales in principle. On receiving an offer of commercial terms from a producer to develop a project, we will share these details with you along with an offer of equitable terms to reward you and move forward together. This offer to you will take into account the specific structure of the deal and may vary dependent upon the origination of the story, the production partner, commissioning broadcaster, development process, consultancy requirements, and the format of the programme. If after a period of three years development has not commenced, then we would revert the film and TV rights to you upon request.

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